Thursday, July 6, 2017

Our Creative Home: Allie Barnes

photo by hannah bills <3

Today for the Our Creative Home series we’re doing something a little different— I (Allie) am answering the questions! So, here we go!

Tell me about your family!

Right now it’s just me, a single woman living with roommates wherever life takes me (right now, Utah). So my family is pretty tiny ;) but I’m grateful to be surrounded by many creative individuals who help feed the fire, inspire me, and encourage my pursuits.

Professionally, I’ve bounced between helping careers and creative careers. Currently I’m a yoga instructor who writes on the side, so it’s a nice marriage of both of those passions—helping and creating. I’m also the one who does most of the writing on the Darlyblog, so you know me already!
after teaching a yoga class with BYU Women's Services, 2017

How have you encouraged creativity in your home?

I’ve always been creative, from regularly rearranging the furniture in my childhood bedroom and painting the walls whenever I needed a bit of change, to playing in folk bands as a young adult, studying writing through college, and various pursuits since then. These days when I get the creative itch, I’ll usually cook or bake something, work on music, do some writing for this blog, find ways to reach out to friends (which can be a creative endeavor in and of itself!), practice yoga, plan out some Instagram posts for my yoga business, and on the rarer occasion, sew something or practice calligraphy.

between songs, singing backing vocals for a friend's band in 2014

Do you have any creative traditions in your home? If so, what are they? How did they begin, and how do you keep the momentum going?

A while back I had a REALLY good day (after a series of rather mediocre ones), and I realized that for me, the components of a good day are: connection with others, creativity, and movement. If I’m having an “off” day, I step back and consider if I’ve had those things. In that way, I don’t necessarily have “creative traditions”, but I’ve tried to make creativity itself a tradition in my home by practicing creativity regularly, in whatever way sounds enjoyable and/or fulfilling that day.
What advice would you give to families hoping to live a more creative lifestyle?

Just start! There’s no one right way to be creative. If you want to learn to play the guitar, do it! Learn two or three chords and give it a go. If you want to try your hand at painting, do it! Perhaps start with Bob Ross videos on Youtube! If you want to try putting apricot jam and a fried egg on your hamburger, do it! (Seriously, do it. So good, ha!) If you want to dance in your living room to Top 40 Hits, do it! And if you have kids/a husband/boyfriend/neighbors/gal pals, invite them to dance along! For me, creativity is simply an outlet for feeling good, so find what feels good and do it.

Thanks for letting me share! Any other creative single ladies out there? What do you love to do? I’d love to hear! Share in the comments!

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