Thursday, May 25, 2017

On the Other Side, Part 2 of 2: Let Go

I have very little control over some of the most important aspects of my life.

That is what I have learned through a recent trial.

I have also learned a lot about letting go—I can let go a thousand times (and I have), and still have more to let go of. The potential depth of “letting go” is far greater than I ever knew, or ever had to experience before.

Letting go of control. Letting go of how I think things “should” be. Letting go of hopes, perceptions, and impressions. Letting go of pain. And with each of those, hundreds of additional levels of release.

“Release”: in the hope of finding “real ease.” (P.S. It does, in time and in portions).

At one point, at about the 100th level of release, I found that I felt loss not only from the situation itself, but the release. Even if letting go is beneficial—even if I am giving these things to my Higher Power (and that can be different for each person), who I believe is loving, generous, and knows the best path for my life—even with all of that, I felt loss. There is loss with letting go. Maybe not in the first level, or the next level of release, but eventually, at least for me, there was loss.

Remember: With each level of release, there is more space for the light. The light may come gradually, and some days will seem quite dark, but the light will surely come.

The light of a sunrise or sunset. The light of sweat dripping off your chest at the end of an awesome workout. The light of hearing a new album and letting the lyrics and melodies float around your whole body. The light of laughter and friendship. The light of hurts healed in unexpected ways (most recently for me, a casual comment from a friend that began healing a negative core belief stemming from another comment 20+ years ago). The light of tender mercies and little miracles. The light that grows with a deep inhale and a satisfying, slow exhale.

And with each exhale, letting the body relax, release, rest.

Assurance: “In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete.” (Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life).

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

On the Other Side, Part 1 of 2: Prepare

This morning a woman shared some wisdom with me: sometimes we have catastrophes in our lives that knock us down, and sometimes we're just walking on pebbles for days and days and days. Continuously walking on uneven stony ground becomes painful, but the end doesn't seem to be in sight. The trials may not be catastrophic, but they are continuous, and so tiring. Both types of trials can be very difficult to bear.

We may have seasons of sunshine and wellness, but without a doubt, trials come to all—big or small, brief or ongoing. Which leads me to the point:

Control what you can, and prepare for whatever comes.

I was listening to a podcast in which the interviewee, a runner, shared this advice. In relation to pre-race anxiety, a friend advised him to control what he could in his preparation and training, and then take the race day as it comes.

But when he said this, I heard so much more. I heard:

Dedicate time every day for spiritual study, so you’ll be ready when the “storms” come.

Work toward self reliance, financial security, getting your food storage up to date, etc., so you’ll be ready if those literal storms come.

Read that book, take that training, or get that degree now, because you never know what situation you will be in in the future, and what skills and education you’ll need at that time.

Start taking the steps to eat a bit healthier. Increase your physical activity even just a bit. It will matter when you have to fight that cold, physically care for a loved one, or fight greater health challenges that you may someday face.

Make time to show love—call a grandparent, send a thank you card, order a second soda to surprise a friend, pay for the person behind you in the drive thru, make that difficult apology, tell someone what you appreciate about them. When we spread light, we receive light.

And intentionally fill life with goodness—savor that delicious meal, watch that movie you’ve been meaning to watch, make that dream vacation a reality, do something that scares/delights/empowers you, take a walk on a sunny day, take a walk on a rainy day and embrace it, make gratitude lists, and maybe take time to just BE. Fill your heart up to sustain it at harder times.

I should note, you can also prepare for blessings! Change bad habits, let go of negative influences, get rid of even physical objects that have no purpose in your life anymore, and create space for more—emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Control what you can, and prepare for whatever comes. Your foundation will better withstand those catastrophes, and the soles of your shoes will become more durable, and more capable of cushioning those pebbles.

Part 2 coming Thursday!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Color Theory with Darlybird!

The colors we see/wear/surround ourselves with can be more influential than we think!

Science: Each color is connected to a different light frequency + wavelength, which combination creates a vibration, which connects to the energy centers in our bodies (chakras), which affects our bodies and minds. Think of the way a bright yellow room welcomes you in, or the way hiking through a lush green forest feels. Think of your favorite color and how that makes you feel—or simply the colors you find yourself attracted to.

Do you not have a favorite color? Perhaps close your eyes, take three long, deep breaths, and clear your mind. What color do you see in your mind’s eye?

Perhaps you need to feel more confident, ease some anxiety (the opposite is feeling grounded and centered), or open up your heart more (encourage love, compassion, and connection to others). Perhaps identify a quality that you want to feel more of, then connect that to my little chart below.

There is no “right color” to wear or see. Some days you’ll crave blue! Other days, orange. But pay attention to this. The colors we wear and surround ourselves with can help create balance and prosperity in our lives. Here is a brief (and in no way thorough) list of colors and some of their connecting emotions/qualities, PLUS some Darlybird favorites to bring out these colors in your wardrobe and home.

Wear this color to help you feel...

Red: grounded, safe, centered, and connected to the earth.

Orange: joyful, lively, and emotional security.

Yellow: confidence, empowerment, and motivation.

Green: love, compassion, and connection to others.

Blue: creative, open, and more able to communicate your truth.

Indigo: intuitive, insightful, and peaceful. Darlybird: Vintage Louise Bracelet; Happiness Pillow; Native Indigo Pillow.

Violet: more able to release emotional heaviness, calm, connected to your Higher Power.

Darlybird: Vintage Zina Earrings; Vintage Katy Earrings.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Styled by Darlybird

The stunning (Queen of Provo, can I say that?) Courtney Jane Kendrick had Rachel design and make/style her jewelry for each of this year's Rooftop Concerts in Provo, Utah, which Courtney helps plan and host. Of the look, Rachel states, " We sorted through my never-ending vintage supplies to find these purple-pink acrylic beads. Added some gold chain and cool textured rings and called it a day! She's also sporting darly earrings and a brass cuff and bangles. And she looks 🔥! Thanks, Courtney, for letting me help you! And thanks for helping make Provo rad."

And may I (Allie) add, "If she were a president, she would be Babe-raham Lincoln." - Garth, Wayne's World.

But really, gorgeous. Want to channel Courtney's looks this season? We're always adding to the accessories section on, so there is always, always more and more to swoon over.

Show us how you wear Darlybird by tagging us on Instagram with hashtag #darlybird.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Friend, Fake-Aunt, and Mother-Soul

photo by Alicia Fish, of me and her two daughters
a couple years back. note: we featured Alicia and
her family for the Our Creative Home series
back in 2014!
I grew up in a culture that valued marriage and motherhood. It was instilled in me at a young age. The older cousins before me got married in their late teens or early 20's, and I assumed I'd do the same: go to college, meet a boy, fall in love, marry, graduate (like I said, my culture values marriage and motherhood, and in my mind that came before graduating), then have 2-4 children.

But, it hasn't happened yet. It happened for many of my peers—a majority of past roommates and girlfriends are now married, some with children— but it has not happened for me.

Sometimes this is a difficult truth: no partner, no companionship, no children. The path seems pretty hidden from my view right now as the things I've felt impressions about just have not come to pass at this time. I could go on and on about those impressions, but instead I will say:

There is a light inside of me, innately connected with womanhood and motherhood, that still shines even without a husband or children to shine for.

"Mom. I drew Allie. She is your friend.
And she's bendy. And so is her hair."
- Olive, Age 3

This Mother's Day, I celebrate not only my mother, grandmother, friends who are mothers, etc., but I celebrate the women whose dreams of motherhood have not yet come to fruition (or whose dreams have nothing to do with motherhood at all), but who shine that light on every single person they know. I honor you, and I honor myself in this space.

I rejoice when, immediately upon entering their home, my friend's four children talk at me all at once as I settle onto the entryway floor to listen to all of their stories. I light up at a little friend's smile when his mom invites me to stay for dinner. I loved the sound of my fake-niece saying "Allie" for the first time, loud and clear! And I still laugh at that portrait my best friend's daughter drew of me (pictured left). I'm bendy, so is my hair, and I love being a fake-aunt!

I think my inner motherly, womanly light is developing its own special hue as time passes, and as I find new, individual ways to share it. Someday (maybe and hopefully) the desires of my heart will unfold, but until then, I am in good company. I am not alone in this space. I have mother souls all around me—with children or not—and I have children to hug and hold even if they are not my own. I am not alone.

Monday, May 8, 2017

My Mother: A Teacher

My mother has one husband, two children, three homes in her married life, and...skipping ahead quite a few numbers...has taught hundreds of children as an aunt, neighbor, Sunday school teacher, and preschool teacher. From her I learned the alphabet, how to cook eggs, the value of a dumb comedy movie when menstrual cramps become intensely painful, and how to care for the people we love—and maybe the ones we struggle to love as well.

She values her relationship with God, can savor quiet time far better than I can, loved mountains far before I did, and delights in simple pleasures like chocolate with almonds, a good book, or a cozy blanket. She is peaceful, she is loving, and she is one of the best women I know.


P.S. Be sure to visit the Darlybird Instagram for a discount code this week!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Meet the Darlyblog Contributors!

A lot of love goes into Darlybird and the Darlyblog, so today we're introducing you to our little team!


Role in Darlybird: 
I'm the owner! I make and design the jewelry, source the other products, and do lots of the little odds and ends, too.

Current Faves:
Purple Haze Earrings
Vintage Esther Earrings
Pink Champagne Bracelet
Vintage Carnival Bracelet
Floral Trellis Pillow
Paper Mache Horse Head

Favorite Vacation spot: Europe (very vague!), Orcas Island, and Rosarito, Mexico

Beverage: Diet Coke, but I'm preparing to give it up. 😖

Listening to: Highasakite, Sufjan Stevens, The 1975, Michael Kiwanuka, The XX

Watching: Just finished LOVE Season 2. I don't watch much TV, unfortunately. I'm trying to change that. Ha ha!


Role in Darlybird: I wear a few different hats. To name a few, I take product and lifestyle photos for the Darlybird website and social media. I also helped build the website and continue to help keep it updated. I love working for and Rachel. She is a creative genius and it's a blast to be a part of Darlybird!

Current Darlybird favorites: I LOVE the sisal Fox Head wall hanger (Fabulous Mr. Fox). right on trend with the popular hanging animal heads but more unique and great quality.
I also love the Tea Towels. Gorgeous, and make the perfect gift.

It's hard to say what my favorite piece of jewelry is because it really depends on the day. I have LOTS of her brass jewelry and I've been wearing my square brass rings daily. 


Role in Darlybird:
Blog Contributor, and whatever Rachel needs!

Favorite creative outlets: Writing, songwriting, teaching yoga & wellness (it's an outlet!)

Favorite food: Cookies and burgers, but not in the same meal. That's just anticlimactic.


“I want to be around people that do things. I want to be around people that dream and support and do things.” 

- Amy Poehler