Monday, June 25, 2007

A little Darlybird 411

My friends and family laugh at me frequently for my all-too-common comment: "Darlybird is totally at a crossroads of sorts . . . " I'm sure they're thinking, "what crossroads is it this time, and when is Darlybird not going to be at a crossroads?"

Well, I'll lay it out on the line: I'm not sure which direction I want darlybird to take. I have grand plans of growing big and then bigger, and then some days I long for the days of freedom when I canned peaches and applesauce and tomatoes and pickles---not only because I love seeing the fruits of my labors, but also because there was nothing else I
had to do. And now, quite frequently, it's "I've got to make a Maude Grace necklace and get it out in the morning; CRAP! My inventory is off (or sometimes non-existent); This office is so heinously out of order . . . ; I think that product is a total dud; I've got to re-order the Lucy Bag!!!," etc ad infinitum.

It's not that I don't like this craziness. I suppose I often thrive on it. But I've had to realize that my personal characteristics which make Darlybird possible also come with a mixed bag of things that make Darlybird sometimes seem impossible; let's put it this way: being a one-woman show is getting harder by the minute---I certainly can't do everything well----but I really don't know what to do about it.

Anyway, great things are in the works for Darlybird. Modern cribs from Oeuf and Offi (as well as some modern home furnishings) . . . children's clothing from one-of-a-kind seamstresses (is "seamsters" the PC term these days?) . . . amazing rugs and patchwork pillows . . . Darlybird logo t-shirts, baby blankets, etc . . . wall art . . . lots of great stuff!

But I'm learning the fine art of patience (which mastery is never going to be attainable in this lifetime) ---- after all, Darlybird is just one facet of my life and I have to remind myself daily that hunting for ladybugs with my ladies is sometimes more pressing than adding the now-not-so-new product I have had sitting on the shelf for two months. And since I'm a full-time mom and a part-time business owner, I've got to cut myself a little slack.

So, get ready for some new Darlybird products to appear in the near or not-so-near future. It'll happen after the ladybugs have been cozied up to bed.

Happy trails!


Queen Scarlett said...

So excited for you! Remember...ladybugs will pee in your hand if give the chance...

Margaret said...

Rachel, I love the site. I rode on the bus with your Dad this morning and heard about your new business. I love your things. I will be a customer... for sure. It is good to hear about everyone and what an entrepeneur you are. Good for you...Say hi to everyone for me.

Rachel said...


so happy to hear from you!! hope things are going super duper well!

Natalie said...

frankly, I am completely in awe that you can pull it all together so seemingly perfectly. you've done a great job with the site and darlybird, and from reading your blog, it seems you are doing a great job with the girls and family. go wonderwoman!!