Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Discount @ Darlybird

First off, I have to say that this blog has been completely abandoned. As if you couldn't tell. The pregnancy yuckos and general malaise got to me. I could barely keep up with the bare essentials, let alone my two rapscallion daughters. Now that I'm six weeks post-number-3, everything has totally calmed down. ;)

We're celebrating Spring and new baby Phoebe this week at Darlybird. Enter "darlyspring" at checkout and get 25% off any purchase $50+. It's the best discount ever offered, so take advantage!

Hopefully I'll be around here a bit more in the near future.


Three and Counting said...

Rachel- do you ever sell original children's artwork? I posted some on my blog today with a giveaway thanks- carrie

Holliann said...

Rachel - so fun to find this cute blog and have it be yours!

Holliann (Hamilton)

Rachel said...

hi carrie and holianne! how fun to have two PHS-ers comment! how are you gals?