Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NYC Hodgepodge, cupcakes included

We took a little cupcake taste test upon ourselves. We tried three whilst in the city, and came up with a unanimous, hands-down winner.

The contestants: Amy's Bread, Magnolia, and Crumbs.

The winner: AMY'S BREAD

More info? I had looked into yummy cupcake places before we came, since I have an affinity for them. Wanted to go to Magnolia (top photo) and Crumbs, and Lindy added a bakery, Amy's, that I hadn't read about. I almost didn't get the cupcake, because I thought it couldn't be better than the others that I was so excited to try. It was the first cupcake. It was the best. Perfect frosting (Magnolia's frosting was too pasty and thick for my liking---I actually ended up throwing some of the cupcake away, since we had already enjoyed Norma's and had sugar-overload that morning). Crumbs' Reese's cupcake was my most looked-forward-to, but disappointed in its overload of sugar and more sugar and weird frosting, which tasted like it had shortening in it. Amy's cupcake was of perfect density---not too sweet, but still a bit crystallized on the edges. Frosting? Luscious. Smooth. Light. An A+ cupcake, not to be missed in a city filled with many options. (Amy's photo on bottom.)

The other pictures? #4 is of the Puerto-Rican Jon-Benets. There was a huge Puerto Rico parade that started RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR HOTEL and went down 5th avenue. It was HUGE!!! It was amazing. These little girls were posing for numerous pics. Thought I'd snap one, too.

Pic #2 highlights the Vintage Ida earrings. They really are great. Love them! (More now in stock, but hurry, because these vintage goodies have a way of selling out.)

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AzĂșcar said...

Excellent to know. I'm glad you did the test for me ;)