Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday at Norma's with a Famous Encounter in The Park

We had it on good word that Norma's was the best breakfast in town. We had 45 mins to kill before our table was ready, so we headed to Central Park, a few blocks up. We were doing random photos (why do I love the self-portrait so much? I tried to get me and Lindy in so many, but we're mostly half cut off) and I saw two men walking and two other guys walking in front of them with a camera and boom. "Lindy, that's someone famous!" So we hoofed it and---YEP!---Mr. Jack Black himself was filming in Central Park. We got some pictures with him and chatted for a second. Then we came to the park exit and a bunch of people saw him and converged. With perfect timing, he stepped into a horse-drawn carriage (nice getaway vehicle) and took off. I like a few celeb brushes in my lifetime. Last time it was Pierce Brosnan at a flea market in Kauai. (His son was trying to get him to buy him a huge shark-tooth necklace. Pierce was trying to be supportive, but was steering his son to something a bit less gaudy.) Who's next?


Natalie said...

Yay Rachel! Sounds like an awesome trip! Lucky you.

Peter and Leah said...


You didn't tell me you saw Jack Black! Amazing. I love the pic with you craning over toward him. So awesome! I'm glad he was nice.