Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a Weekend!

Friends, I had the time of my life in NYC with Ms. Lindy Lou. Talk about inspiration. Talk about perspiration. We ate, shopped, watched, ate, and shopped more. It was fabulous. I came back with a new lease on life, and some wonderful new products-in-the-making for Darlybird. Also, a promise that I will take a trip like this once a year. I am a new mom, a new wife, and a new human. Watch out world!

1st picture: Rachel (me) and Lindy in Times Square. They apparently just shut down one whole street and had set up the cheap-o plastic woven lawn chairs. We sat and people-watched for awhile after having walked the streets all day.

The 2nd and 3rd pictures in this post are a huge story in themselves . . . we met some wonderful characters (shout out to Tommy, Carl, and Elise) in a warehouse that sells old jewelry parts. Some from early 1900 Japan, and some from 1980 NYC. Their business spans a floor (5000 sq ft) of an unmarked building in the garment district. I didn't know what to expect, but I had an appointment and was excited. When the elevator doors opened to reveal stacks and stacks of boxes and more stacks and stacks of boxes, I literally felt my heart beat in double speed. I told Carl (who's been in business for 59 years, first as a jewelry manufacturer) that this is the stuff my dreams are made of. He thought that was kind of pathetic, but then admitted that he dreams about beads, too. But nothing could've prepared me for this, folks. Piles and piles of stuff. Random pieces in random places. No air conditioning. [Note to self: Never go back in July or August.] Folks, this was complete overload. I spent much more money than I anticipated, but there will be some glorious new offerings in the accessories section. So just you wait. Elise and Carl (a father/daughter duo) even took Lindy and me to lunch after my whirlwind buy-a-thon. Thanks again!

Last pics are from Tinsel Trading. I bought thousands of hand-dyed vintage silk petals (1940s) from the owner, Marcia, at the San Francisco Int'l Gift Fair last year. Her shop is lovely. More than lovely. Thanks, Lindy for documenting the ribbons.

More on NYC in a jiffy.


Becca said...

I am looking at these so happy and, I have to admit, a little wistful and envious. You guys are beautiful and I love getting some glimpses into your adventures.

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