Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's up with Darlybird?

It's been a long and tedious winter; just when I think spring has sprung in the great state of Utah, I awoke to snowfall this morning. Really? Seriously? Though i lived in Utah for 10 years before my 10-year California hiatus, I still can't fathom that people live in winter for 6 months of the year. In Sacramento, tulips are long gone. It's time for azaleas, irises, vegetable gardens, flower beds. It'll take me awhile to shift my gears. (Maybe never? Who doesn't long for an early and long spring?)

But, all the winter and the two moves, and the adjustments to new school, new neighborhoods, new friends, new routines, new weather has kept me a bit of a hermit---that means lots of Darlybird R&D in my think-tank. (Which happens to be my whole house....signs and signals of Darlybird everywhere, much to Jon's dismay. Need an earring back? Scrounge on the floor of any room long enough and I'm sure you'll find one. A bead? There's always a bead close underfoot.) But that's another story. I digress....

I'm starting to slowly and surely post
new glorious pieces. Mainly jewelry, as my heart has taken a fondness to procuring vintage delights and working them into fabulous and simple statements. Check back often. I hope to be posting newness throughout the next few weeks.

And I must be honest about a few things: In this winter of winters, I've often thought of giving up the Darlybird ghost. I've asked myself about every question possible---is this worth my time? Am I actually making any money? Do I enjoy it? Why can't I just make fun stuff for myself and let that be that? Am I a good mom? (sometimes.) Am I a good wife? (Don't answer.) Am I a good housekeeper? (Don't look at the floors or mirrors, but come over for dinner sometime. That's where I shine.) Does any of this matter? I don't know. We'll see. I could always decide that Darlybird is done tomorrow. As for now, I think I'll stay around a little while. Nothing's for sure around here---least of all the seasons. Snow tomorrow? Perhaps. But, all that's certain is that I've got some new great things to share with you.


Emily said...

Ooh, I loved these posts. I've had lots of questions I've been wondering about your jewelry, and now I've had some of them answered. Please don't quit Darlybird. I am hoping to get myself close enough in your friend circle so I can come over and shop in your closet. Speaking of which, we would love to have you over to our house for dinner. Is there an upcoming weekend night that is free?

LJ said...

i'd be very sad to say good-bye to darlybird. where would i get my jewelry??? of course, i think you should do whatever makes you happy, but it's been an insane year for you. you need at least a year to settle in and recover from the stress of it all. i'm thinking a couple of borg reunions, a bunch of naps, and estie starting kindergarten could totally transform your perspective.