Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So MUCH NEW! And a sale soon, and grabbags again?

Hi friends,

I've been making, purchasing, photographing, uploading, and brainstorming like a maniac. My recent trip to NYC left me re-invigorated and ready to hit the Darlybird with a full-court press. You'll find many new items on the New Products page, and more will be coming soon.

In the spirit of cleaning up and starting fresh, we'll be offering our legendary grab bags again, soon! For $15, you'll receive at least $45 of merchandise. These will be one-of-a-kinds, things I've had in my inventory for awhile and need to move on from (that's very hard for me.....), and random samples, etc. Check back in a week or two for more news on the grab bags.

Have a happy day. Expect more postings here at darlyblog, including a tutorial on my doll house I made for my chicas last Christmas.

Until then,


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