Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've never done testimonials or press links on my website, but I think it's about high time. Especially since last week, when I received some pretty awesome emails about January's Earring of the Month Club earrings.

Check these out:

Hi Rachel, I just wanted to let you know that I received my January earrings today and they made my day! How special they are! I had just woken up 3 of my kids from their naps, so we could go and pick up the 4th from school. All were whining, bumping heads, wanting snacks, and I opened the door to find the package on my front stoop. It made me so happy to find these beautiful earrings, your sweet note, and the adorable bobbie pin (which happens to match the lavender corduroy jeans I'm wearing, and is perfectly keeping my "mop" out of my face). This is my second order from you, and I receive many many compliments every time I wear my other items (the red rose earrings and the felted wool necklace). I'm smiling as I type. Thank you! ---Whitney
I just have to tell you how delighted I was to receive my "J" earrings along with your note of explanation. I can already tell that the decision to join the Earring of the Month club was one of my best decisions of the year!


I got them on Saturday and wore them to a party that night. I love them! I am looking forward to seeing the next pair.


ps I'm wearing them again today!

My earrings arrived today! I have been so excited about this and wanted to let you know that I absolutely love them! They're perfect. My parents gave me the money for Christmas and I had been trying to think of something unique to do with the it. I just called my mom and gushed about my earrings. Can't wait for next month!

My mom thought the earring of the month idea was really neat and is considering doing that for my sisters for birthdays. She will probably email you with questions.

Thank you again for such a great deal!


I've also received a few fun comments via this blog. And let me tell you: this is the stuff that makes my day! I sent out the first pair with a bit of trepidation, wondering, "Are people going to think these are as cool as I do?" And apparently, lots do!

Subscriptions still available for a couple more weeks. And then I'm pulling it off so I don't have to deal with the nightmare of catching people up. (If you order now, you'll get January and February a week or a bit more, or maybe less, depending on my ability to move it, move it, move it.)

Thanks for those of you who contacted me. I'm already so glad that I started the club. ;)


Lindy Louise said...

hooray for testimonials! i have a testimony that you and darlybird are simply amazing!

Rachel said...

I love those! You are making so many people happy! :)

Nichole said...

Ever since I heard about EOTM club from Kalli I've been so excited about being a member! But then, just today I received my January earrings and seriously think EOTM is the best purchase of 2011!

I thought the personalized set was just awesome and then I read the note that came with them (twice!) and it just made me feel so special. Thank you, Rachel, for making my day!

I really do look forward to seeing what you come up with each month and being surprised. I'm kind of dorky about it, but it's such a fun thing! So, thanks!

Greenie said...

I've been meaning to comment forever! I am a second-time EOTM clubber and I think it is fantastic! I love the surprise every month and my husband is thrilled since he gets a built in gift and very happy wife each time they arrive in the mail. I also love to wear each pair for the first time on a date (or at least when I put in a little extra effort to get ready). Thank you for such a great idea and for sending such wonderful earrings!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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