Monday, February 7, 2011

A Winner! A Winner! We have a winner!

So I really didn't intend to make this giveaway last this long. How's that for deadening the excitement? Sorry. A cold, needed home improvements, and a barfing almost-3-year old are my sad excuses this time. But, I just wrote down all the names, closed my eyes, and pulled out:

ALLI, who said:

Pick me! Because I sure need a pick me up. I'm stuck in 4 feet of snow and below zero weather and a pair of your cute earrings would give me something to look forward to each day when I step out into the cold :)

Yay for Alli. But ladies, the truth of the matter is that I really really really wish you could have all won. And I'm not saying that because I'm a sap. I'm saying that because I believe in earrings, yes I do. And for a minute I tried to figure out how I could logistically send all of you subscriptions, but realized that wouldn't make fiscal sense. (I hate the whole fiscal sense aspect of business, which happens to also be the driving force. Dang!)

So, Alli, send me your info at I'll catch you up quick (sending out February earrings tomorrow!) and hopefully your new earrings will warm your heart in your cold surroundings.

For the rest of you: One more week to order the Earring of the Month Club until next December. If you've got a great lover or a friend, give them a hint for the impending holiday. Or if you believe in giving yourself Valentine's gifts (totally not above it here!), consider it....

I'll have another giveaway soon, I promise. xo--R


Janet said...

Love, Love, Love March earrings! Thanks!

Maddy said...

I LOVE the March earrings! They are so pretty-actually I love all of the earrings so far!