Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Please come, Spring!

That injunction has nothing to do with post. I actually don't know exactly what this post has to do with, but I'll just go with it.

Mostly, I just wanted to move the last post out of the limelight; I'm not someone who likes to post a million pictures of myself on my blogs. But I did want to show off my crazy new blonde hair and document it because I tend to under-document such things. And just the other day, my sweet brother Ben asked me, "Do you ever feel like doing something kind of drastic/weird to change your look?" (Or something to that effect.) My answer: "HELLO!" (with hand pointed to hair). But that's beside the point.

Back to non-topic: there are some phenomenal new products at Darlybird. Really. And more more more to come. Japanese school supplies, fabric tape, robot tape, vintage Czech glass earrings, a slew of cute and affordable sunglasses. (And they're really really good.) Funny story about said sunglasses: I bought a pair of this brand of sunglasses at a store that sounds something like *****opologie a few years ago. They were $42, and I considered them a splurge, cause I'm a little bit frugal like that, but I've loved them to pieces (almost). Fast forward to last month when I was shopping at the MAGIC Market in Las Vegas and saw the same brand of sunglasses---when I found out the price, I couldn't believe the crazy mark-up. So, just sayin': you can get the same glasses at Darly for less than half of the price of *****opologie. You might not get a crazy display of pop bottles transformed into flowers and some ambiance to go with it, but oh well. I'd rather save you the dough.


La Yen said...

Dear DarlyBirdBlog,
You know what I would love? If you would have a wish list feature on your site. This way I could make one and show it to Mr. LaYen and then he would order me the things I want, instead of getting me junk at the last minute and then it doesn't come on time and my stocking or Easter basket or birthday box is EMPTY.
I would also like a million dollars and a pony.
Very Respectfully,
La Yen

Rachel said...

Dear La Yen,

I second the motion. I've been thinking about doing that for about 4 years now. And somehow, it's never happened. Lame-o. I'll look into it and PRONTO. No promises that it'll be up in time for the Easter basket, but hopefully your birthday (don't know when that is), and most hopefully for Christmas.

And I'm wishing you ten million dollars and a pony from your long-lost Aunt Mildred, while I'm at it.

With Love,