Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Earlybird Holiday Code

On a late night this week, I sat at the computer and ordered a bunch of Christmas gifts.  Wham. Bam. Done.  Unfortunately, Darlybird doesn't carry all of the delights of my 3 daughters' hearts. Anyway, then I thought of you.....and how you might want a little extra shopping money.  Am I right or am I right?

So here's the code:  'earlybird'.  That's it.  At checkout---for 20% off.  Enjoy!


Janet said...

Dear Rachel:

Thank you so much for the November earrings and making them in gold for me!

I'm interested in getting five earring clubs for my Mom and three daughters for Christmas, and of course, I want to do it again. Do you have a card of some kind I could give them?

Can you send me your email address? mine is

Rebecca Plumlee said...

You're right! But I tried to use the code and it said it was already expired :-(