Friday, March 9, 2012

Current Lip Obsessions

I need to share my new find with you: Revlon's Lip Butter in Candy Apple.  It's a perfect shade of red--more coraly undertones than pink or blue. It's glides on, keeps your lips hydrated, and I'm pretty much pleased as punch with it.  I might have to go buy a few more shades, but actually I think I found the IT color on my first try.

I also have the famous NARS lipstick in Heatwave, but it's way more matte, and definitely more orange, and also a lot harder to apply with it looking decent. But I still love it. I hear that JCREW used this color exclusively on all their models in the Spring catalog. Apparently it looks good on everyone, and you can really control whether it's super strong, or just a tint. I haven't mastered that part of it yet.

And here's a cuckoo pic of me with the Candy Apple Lip Butter, and my current earring fave from the Darlybird lineup: The Gold-Plated Mykonos Earrings.  They're really that cute. 

Adios, friends! Have a happy day!

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icklebabe_com said...

Ohh lovin that lip colour! It's just become available here in the uk and I've ordered mine, in the same candy apple shade, can't wait now :) love your website and products by the way, super cute! 💗