Monday, January 27, 2014


There are best friends, and then there are kindred spirits. I haven't quite figured out the difference between these, but they are unique, and both terribly significant to me. (I also have a "spirit animal." She's a human, but her spirit roars like the most fantastic of wild beasts).

After a morning of anxiety, I decided to head north to visit my friend Alicia for a well overdue visit. Alicia is a kindred spirit: we met by chance, built a solid friendship before even meeting in person, and a conversation or letter from Alicia always calms my troubled mind. Always.

As her daughters napped, we curled up downstairs and talked about creativity, writers block, relationships, spirituality, hardships, and hope. The tightness in my chest loosened. As her daughters awoke two hours later, I was greeted with a loopy baby and a spirited toddler who had suddenly become a cat. And somehow that was everything I really needed.

Best friends, kindred spirits, (spirit animals) — whatever you prefer to call them — they're there. They're the women I call mid-pains and sadness, the ones who see glimpses of my terrible faults and love me even stronger. They will always calm my troubled mind.


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