Saturday, November 1, 2014

"We are grateful for..." Free Printable Poster

We are almost, almost ready for the Darlybird relaunch (so close!). As in, there will be crazy deals in the next couple weeks and a whole new store platform coming soon! We are ecstatic and have been working hard. We're so excited for you to see it.

Two of arguably the most festive months are coming up, and we are ready to put our whole hearts into them! To start off the season of Thanksgiving right, we have a free download for you. Print it out (in color or B&W, 11"x17" or 8.5"x11") and hang it on your refrigerator or wall with a pencil, pen, marker, or crayon nearby. Whenever someone walks by, they are invited to write down something they are grateful for. By the end of the month it will be packed with gratitude!

(My lovely roommate Kenzie, seen above, also mentioned making it into a whiteboard for her bedroom to keep all year long. This can easily be done by putting the printout in a picture frame and using a dry erase marker to write on it).

11" x 17"

8.5" x 11"


I printed the 11" x 17" black and white one on cardstock for our apartment and it only cost about 45 cents at Fedex Office. We used washi tape to secure it on our front door so everyone who visits our apartment will be able to contribute throughout the month.

Happy November!

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