Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015: Abundance

Around the time that I (Allie) was thinking about my intention for the year, Rachel, the creator behind Darlybird, posted this on Instagram. She says:

"This is my word for 2015. I have been pretty public about some aspects of my current situation, for better or for worse. For me, vulnerability and transparency are the only way to live life. If it looks like I'm handling heartbreak and divorce with flying colors, let me assure you: this has rocked/wrecked my world. I have been laid low again and again to the point that I am now literally almost like a newborn in a very strange world. I am reassembling myself, and this time around, choosing everything deliberately, and with abundance. Love and abundance are the opposites of fear and scarcity. And it is easy for me to slide into those negative states. But I've seen time and time again, when I choose abundance and love, I am filled to the tippy top and even overflowing. There is always enough. And God or the Universe, or whatever you want to call it, is waiting to bless you with peace. It has been shown to me in the most simple and beautiful ways."

Rachel is one of the most creative, passionate, and resilient women I know. I'm so glad she chose to share her intention for the coming year!

What are your goals and intentions for 2015? We'd love to hear about them! Comment below! 

I'll be back in a couple days to share about my own intention for 2015, and hopefully to share a few of yours as well!

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