Friday, January 30, 2015

Darlybird & Flor de Luz Collaboration + 15% Off Flor de Luz!

We love Flor de Luz and the beautiful handmade goods that Nassari brings back with her from of Mexico. Just look at the vibrant colors in Rachel's blouse! The color is what attracted us to Flor de Luz, and why we wanted so badly to collaborate with them. It's the perfect springtime blouse!

We paired the blouse with some Darlybird earrings (two different pairs, as seen in the photos above and below-- both are coming soon to the shop!)

Nassari is generously offering Darlyblog readers 15% off of her entire shop with the code darly15. Jump on it, friends! (Side note, they just added little kids' rompers to the shop, and we're dying. So cute!)

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Flor de Luz Shop said...

This color looks gorgeous on you Rachel!!! I am obsessed with your wall!