Thursday, May 25, 2017

On the Other Side, Part 2 of 2: Let Go

I have very little control over some of the most important aspects of my life.

That is what I have learned through a recent trial.

I have also learned a lot about letting go—I can let go a thousand times (and I have), and still have more to let go of. The potential depth of “letting go” is far greater than I ever knew, or ever had to experience before.

Letting go of control. Letting go of how I think things “should” be. Letting go of hopes, perceptions, and impressions. Letting go of pain. And with each of those, hundreds of additional levels of release.

“Release”: in the hope of finding “real ease.” (P.S. It does, in time and in portions).

At one point, at about the 100th level of release, I found that I felt loss not only from the situation itself, but the release. Even if letting go is beneficial—even if I am giving these things to my Higher Power (and that can be different for each person), who I believe is loving, generous, and knows the best path for my life—even with all of that, I felt loss. There is loss with letting go. Maybe not in the first level, or the next level of release, but eventually, at least for me, there was loss.

Remember: With each level of release, there is more space for the light. The light may come gradually, and some days will seem quite dark, but the light will surely come.

The light of a sunrise or sunset. The light of sweat dripping off your chest at the end of an awesome workout. The light of hearing a new album and letting the lyrics and melodies float around your whole body. The light of laughter and friendship. The light of hurts healed in unexpected ways (most recently for me, a casual comment from a friend that began healing a negative core belief stemming from another comment 20+ years ago). The light of tender mercies and little miracles. The light that grows with a deep inhale and a satisfying, slow exhale.

And with each exhale, letting the body relax, release, rest.

Assurance: “In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete.” (Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life).

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