Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Family Friendly Utah Hike: Rock Canyon

Distance: 5.6 miles out and back (according to alltrails.com)

Elevation gain: 1768 feet (according to alltrails.com)

Terrain/Environment: Paved at the beginning, then rocks and dirt. As is common for most canyon trails, just be careful for loose rocks!

Population: There is usually quite a bit of traffic at the beginning of this trail, but it clears up the further you go.

Other: This is definitely a popular hike for families. The incline is not too extreme, at least in the beginning, and as usual, just keep an eye on your kids. There are loose rocks, but not more than any other trail in the area. Because it’s an out and back, you can head back anytime. I should also note that I did this with my pregnant cousin, and she does it regularly still.

The parking lot has bathrooms and picnic tables. It’s a well developed trailhead—Thank you, Provo City!

Rock Canyon trailhead connects to other trails such as the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and the Squaw Peak Summit, so there are a lot of places to explore. This is also a great place to rock climb and boulder, and you’ll probably see people doing this along your hike

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