Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Anatomy of a Good Day

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A few months ago, I arrived home at the end of a long day and realized that the day had been a really good day. Not just a good day, but a very satisfying, fulfilling, joyful and good day. I pondered my activities for the day: teaching yoga, visiting with a couple different friends, making and door bell ditching some treats to people in my neighborhood, cooking a satisfying dinner…

And I understood what elements made my day so good.

The anatomy of a good day (for me): Creativity, Connection, and Movement.

I also include religious study, prayer, and general productivity (to do lists!), but those things come more naturally to me. I often have to be more intentional about creativity, connection, and movement.

For me, this looks like:

Creativity: Cooking, baking, working on projects, practicing a new skill, sewing, knitting, calligraphy, singing, playing guitar, and even practicing yoga can feel like a creative practice for me!

Connection: I feel most fulfilled with one-on-one connections. While group activities are great, I don’t always feel like that fulfills the need for connection within me. Visiting with a friend for a half hour though? Fills my soul. (I do include group activities though, as well as texts, phone calls, service, letter writing, etc.)

Movement: Running, hiking, yoga, weight lifting (doing just a bit of this, still new at it!) and more! Those are just my go-to’s.

What makes a good day for you? What aspects of your day make it really, really good? And how can you be more mindful about incorporating those things into your day?

I should note, it’s good to have options here. I don’t always feel like running. I don’t always have the opportunity to spend quality time with people I care about every day.

Last week I decided to finish up some sewing projects I had started but set aside (I think I want to enjoy sewing more than I really do). I had bought some beautiful Lotta Jansdotter fabric months ago and decided to make a dress out of it. I made a plan and got started. I made it out of muslin first, noted the changes I needed to make in sizing, then started with the Lotta Jansdotter print. I was more careful than with probably any other sewing project I had ever attempted. When I did make a mistake, I carefully took the stitches out and tried again. I decided to put some elastic in the waist and started working on that. I did it, tried it on, didn’t like how it looked and…

I lost interest.

I kept the sewing machine and dress and all of everything out for a couple more days. I felt obligated to finish this dress. I was so close! I loved the fabric! I owed it to myself to finish this single project!

But it wasn’t bringing me joy anymore. Not in the moment.

I bagged up the dress and materials, put my sewing machine back in the box, and put everything back in the closet. If it wasn’t going to bring me joy or fulfillment, that wasn’t part of my good day.

That day, cooking was part of my good day. Running was part of my good day. Going with a friend late at night to pick up Frostys from Wendy’s was part of my good day.

Maybe that dress will be part of a good day next week, but if not, it’s okay. I’ll finish it when I feel excited about it again.

Friends, I’d love to hear what makes your days good! Tell me in the comments! (Or, you can vent about that sewing project that you’re also not wanting to finish, haha! Share your stories in the comments!!)

Love, Allie

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