Friday, April 27, 2007

Darlybird Giveaway

Yep, I'm doing another Darlybird giveaway! This time it's on the new cool-mom/cool-kid inspired blog, Tangled and True: Life in the Nest

Just enter a comment, and you could win Clementine, Rings Dining Set, and Vintage Bluette Bobby!

Oh yeah, and if you make an order between now and the end of May, just enter "I want a bobby" (I always accidentally type "I want a booby" instead! YIKES!) or "I want a tag" and you'll get a free bobby/booby or a tag in your package!

And would someone please tell me how to take the darn underline off of my links! I used to be able to do it, but I've lost my touch and I think the underline looks gross.

Good luck!!


Katy said...

can't help you with the underline, but the products are darn cute!

Michelle said...
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Kristen said...

I love absolutely everything at sweet Darlybird! You and your inventory is divine and I would LOVE to win!

c jane said...


ME= big fan of YOU

Rachel said...


you've got to make your comments on the Tangled and True blog. I'll do a giveaway here someday soon, but for now, it's over there! go sign up before tuesday night and good luck!