Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fabric Art

Not like this is some revolutionary idea, but I just thought I'd show one of my favorite new home decor items. I actually have many fabric-covered canvases throughout my house; this is just the newest addition to the collection. I have an immense love for color (if you didn't already know) and pattern, too. This Amy Butler fabric is one of my faves. I really didn't know what I wanted to do for my vast green wall----it has had just a weird/cool clear-red acrylic clock on it for 1.5 years. And a few weekends ago, I crossed the street, borrowed a staple gun from some neighbors, and went to work. Fifteen minutes later, my wall was transormed. Now, every time I look at it, I'm thrilled. (I never know what time it is anymore, but hey---what's time anyway, right?)

Scale is pretty huge: It's probably in the 25-40" range.
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Michelle said...

Again this is a favorite topic of mine. I love fabric. You need to check out the recent Cookie magazine, there is a child's bed spread in there that is awesome. the fabric is made from the Otomi in Mexico. Here is the link-

Lindy said...

love it!