Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Speaking of Birthday Parties . . .

This was the invite (scanned, so it's a bit rough with weird lines, etc ...) to Leah's 4th birthday carnival party. It was slightly over the top for a four-year old in my opinion, but I just didn't know where to stop, and I wanted it to be super fun for her. We had a BBQ for parents and kids, booths with tons of prizes, our trampoline was a stand-in bounce house, we rented an industrial sno-cone machine, had a huge roll of tickets that the kids used to buy food and play the games. I lucked out and hit Target's 75% off of the $1 aisle right before the party and scored lots of great prizes for $.25 each. Their prizes were their favors that they took home in these awesomely random IKEA bright plastic ziploc-but-cooler plastic bags. There were other random details, like the apron I borrowed from a friend's mom that had a ton of pockets sewn on, with prizes in each pocket. Kids could hand me a ticket (I was the ring-master, of course) and they could reach in and pick out a prize. All-in-all it was a great success, but now I'm left with one big fat question: WHAT AM I GOING TO DO THIS YEAR? Oh well, at least I know what favor I'm giving.

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