Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What Am I Going to Use These For?

This cute set of 4 Lizzy Flowers little books are going to be separated and used at Leah's Birthday Party as favors (for the girls). It's a little bit genius because the set is only $7.00, so that equals $1.75/book. A little more about them: 44 pages, 2 title page stickers per book---8 total per set, saying, "The Little Book of ____________ BY _______________." One side of each page is blank for illustrations, while the other side is lined for the story. Add a cute pen or a cheap-o set of colored pencils and you've got a high-quality, educational, and sassy party favor. There are also Japanese Flowers little books. Delightful, if you ask me!

P.S. The label seen on the first book is just a little paper tag. The books do not have any writing on the covers . . . just the beautiful prints.

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