Friday, August 22, 2008

Spotted . . .

Rubber ducky cupcake toppers used on Strawberry Shortcakes at my sister-in-law Julianne's baby shower.

My sister Susannah took the photo with her I-Phone (Gotta get me one!) and sister Leah was in charge of details. The shower took place in her back yard. I LOVE the rubber duckies with powdered sugar dusted on their beaks. Too cute. And the vintage glass luncheon plates? Thanks be to Eco Thrift for their fine selection of such delights.

Can I just say that the top picture is making me heart-sick for Utah summer nights?

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Stone Family said...

This is such a cutie-patootie idea! I just wanted to right to say that I got my Nie Nie earings a week or so ago and I love them! And, I love that a little bit of $ and prayer went to this special family -- that I do not know, but can't help but loving.
I love your site and I can't wait to order more! In the meantime I hope it is OK if I write about your site and precious finds on my I think many of my friends would love to shop on your site and help out a fellow mom! We all need a little help in life!

Thank you for your beautiful work! Marcey