Monday, August 25, 2008

Darlybird Celebrates Nie Day 8/28

If you haven't heard about Stephanie Nielson's life and loves, please click here. Let's just say you're in for a treat [her photos and experiences are amazing] and a tragedy. Darlybird is hoping to help out in a small way: We'll be sponsoring silent auctions on Thursday on both DesignMom and Tangled and True. In addition, we've named a pair of fabulous vintage earrings after Stephanie herself. (I can totally picture her wearing them; you can be sure I'll send her a pair at the appropriate time.) $5.00 (50% of the purchase price) of each pair of Nie Earrings sold will be given to the Stephanie Nielson Recovery Fund. Fun, huh?

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Anne said...

It's Anne at Stanford, I can't believe all that happened to Nie Nie. I've just been reading stuff on the blogs and everyone has been talking about it.She seems so amazing, Have you heard anything lately?