Friday, September 19, 2008


It's beautiful fall weather around Darlyheadquarters. And let me just say THANK GOODNESS for that! Somehow the cool mornings and nights, Delta breeze, nip in the air, blue skies~~~they all make for a very healthy mood for this chica. And let me just say THANK GOODNESS for that, too!!

  • It's been a crazy few weeks around here. I'm thrilled to report that the Vintage NieNie Earrings have gone gangbusters! Go Nie! You've purchased over 65 pairs, which means $325 for Team Christian and Stephanie, and 130 cuter-than-before earlobes on Team Earth. (Can you tell I'm practicing my mathematics skills? They're a bit rusty, so don't start giving me any story problems just yet . . . . although story problems were my forte' back in the day. But we're not back in the day anymore.)
  • I'm working my tail off to get all of my orders out on time. I've got lots of cute new products to add, but those will come later. I had a run on NieNie earrings, so that has kind of zapped my DarlyEnergies. And to be quite honest, I haven't always been able to make my own deadlines. Which is why I'm thankful for you, nice and understanding customers, for chilling for a couple extra days while I work, work, work in between driving kids to school, preschool, nursing the wee one (she's not very wee anymore . . . . 7 mos and 20+ lbs. My stars and garters, baby Ph is huge! And lovely!), etc ad infinitum. Being a mom and a small business owner has its perks and privileges, but also some downsides, like frantic me running around and not returning phone calls (sorry, dear friends whom I'm behind on calling and contacting. I love you!)
  • Watch soon for a coupon code to come your way. I'll let you know here when it happens. And in an email if you're on my email list.
Until then, let me just say I'm loving Pandora. My favorite stations right now are:

Joshua Radin (I don't even know who this is, but I'm loving his songs.)
Band of Horses
Rosie Thomas
Sufjan Stevens
Regina Spektor

What I was really going to say before I got on the Pandora tangent is:

Until then, have a happy happy life~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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