Friday, October 31, 2008

And the Winners Are . . . .

Did you notice the plural? That's because the winner of the last "party favor," Jill Ann, never contacted me! Oh, I hate to see a prize winner forfeit. But since I don't know dear Jill Ann, I can't get a hold of her. So I picked another winner.

But, I'll announce this most recent giveaway winner first:

It's NUMBER 6, Patti!!! (I think likes the number 6!) She said: "I'm in. Pick me. I just placed my first order with you last week. Can't wait for it to get here." Pattie, please email me at with your belt preference (size and color).

Go Patti!!!

And for Winner #2 of the previous party favor: #29, which means---Lynnette, who said: "I'm in! I absolutely *adore* your shop!" Lynnette, email me and you'll get your fun goods asap.

Happy Halloween, by the way. I've got Dorothy, Little Red Riding Hood, and a pumpkin or a flower (can't decide which costume to dress Phoebe in) to look after. I'll post pics of my sweet girls on Darlybird's Nest soon.

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