Monday, June 29, 2009

Thursday's Salad is not very exciting. But the croutons and the pizza are!

This salad is nothing to write home about. But the pizza was! And the croutons are! I used the extra sauteed bread from the Panzanella and saved them for croutons for the next day. Brilliant. I'm always going to do this from now on.

The Pizza was super tasty. This is where I admit that I used pre-made dough. Usually don't, but sometimes I do. And why not? The sauce is homemade, and hold onto your trousers: Jon made the cheese! (Not the mozz, but the chunky white stuff you see.) I bought him a cheesemaking book and kit with enzymes, etc, for Christmas and he just made his first batch. It was delish---esp on this pizza.

For the sauce: My sister Leah taught me this one. Olive oil, garlic, canned diced tomatoes, kosher salt, basil or oregano. Sautee the garlic in olive oil, add diced tomatoes. REDUCE on medium need to let it cook so most of the juice goes away. Add seasonings to taste. I usually stick my immersion blender in the pot and blend up the tomatoes. Last time, I used the HUGE can from Costco and reincarnated it as pasta sauce for Father's Day. I also have a bag in the freezer waiting for my next pizza hankering. (Probably sometime this week.)

So this wasn't much about the salad. But a little bit. I'll be doing more salads this week. A Chinese Chicken Salad that is so yummy, but most-importantly, EASIER than pie.

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