Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Week of the Salad: Tuesday

After eating out for 5 days straight, (some divine meals and baked goods, but total eating-out overload) I was ready to hit the kitchen. I especially craved fresh fresh fresh foods and have eaten a salad every evening since. I actually took a snapshot of each meal, and will share brief instructions.

Apologies in advance for the fact that I don't photograph each stage of the cooking experience. And I rarely use recipes. It's more fun to experiment, says I.

So on Tuesday, I came up with a salad utilizing what I already had on hand.

From the fridge: romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, cilantro, red pepper, queso (the actual Mexican-type cheese . . . . jack or cheddar would do just fine), sour cream

From the freezer: chicken breasts, white corn

From the pantry: black beans, lemon pepper, Herdez tomatillo sauce

I grilled the chicken breasts w/ lemon pepper and mixed a bit of sour cream with the Herdez sauce for an impromptu dressing. [Jon had purchased Salsa Ranch, but Esther managed to drop it and cut her thumb while trying to clean up before anyone was the wiser. Left us in a pinch for our salad, and a pool of blood for Jonnie to clean up. Thank goodness I was somewhere over Nebraska when it happened. Kids and blood make me nervous.] I actually liked the tang of this dressing a lot, and since it was Lite Sour Cream, was better for me anyway.


Week of the Salad Wednesday: Tuscan Bread Salad
Week of the Salad Thursday: Simple Salad as an accompaniment to pizza

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