Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paris is Really Divine.....

Just returned from a great trip to Paris with my 8-year old daughter, Leah. We had frequent flier miles, a free place to stay, and my husband was willing.....what can I say?

Let's just say Paris never fails----no disappointments from this traveler. This time around, we said TO HECK with museums. Instead, we enjoyed a fun time soaking in Paris' essence --- getting "lost" in the Left Bank, walking around the Marais, Monmartre, visiting long family friends, and staying with my sister and her family in their cozy apartment in the heart of the city. (A block from the Pompidou.....really.) Leah brought her Razor scooter and was a wizzy-dog all around the city, weaving through hoards of people with 4 cousins. It was a sight to behold!

We walked, and walked, and walked. We did take a jaunt to Notre Dame and climbed all 422 stairs up....and the top of the towers, and also to the Sainte Chapelle. I did a lot of Darly scouting, and even some Darly buying. (To be seen at a website near you, very soon!)

I'm rejuvenated, happy to be home, and wondering how I'll ever be able to replicate this fall of travel. NYC and Paris in 2 months? That usually doesn't happen in 10 years!!! But, I'll take it. And maybe learn from it: travel is clarifying, enlivens me, makes me feel young, spontaneous, and a little more like me. I might have to push off again soon.


LJ said...

what fun! i'm thinking borg reunion euro-style 2012? Or just NYC 2011? Or even ATL SOON!

Jordan said...

great Paris pics Chi.