Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ready for some awesomeness?

The above pictures came to me in an email tonight from Susie in Gainesville, FL. I remember this order because her dear sister asked us to rush it out; she left a message in the comments section that they were going to be for a wedding within the week. I loved imagining who the bride was and how they were going to be used. Imagine MY delight when I got to see the actual pictures. Here is the background in Susie's words:

My sister bought these balloons from you as a surprise wedding gift to me. I saw them on Stephanie Nielson's website and thought instantly they would be perfect for our wedding! The pictures turned out to be better than I could ever imagine! Our photography is Beth Mancuso (, she is quite talented and we were only her third wedding. I just wanted to say thank you for being part of my day (in a round about way) and helping to make my pictures perfect :)

{And isn't she a beautiful bride?} Thanks, Susie.

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Emily said...

Those girls all look really stunning in those dresses. Gorgeous!