Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Exciting news: my mom, sisters, and I are opening a storefront right here in Provo, UT.  My mom has long had a passion for home arts, and is an avid knitter and sewer.  She'll have fabrics and yarns.....we've picked out many and have a great selection going.  The store, as a collective, will be called HARMONY.  (My maiden name is Harmon, so it's got more than just the hippy vibe as its meaning....)

A whole room (plus more) will be devoted to Darlybird! I've had a dream to open a storefront for many many years now; in fact, Darlybird the website was intended to be a storefront at first. I love the idea of selling one-of-a-kind and vintage pieces that fit into the Darlybird aesthetic, but that wouldn't be feasible on a website.  It's kind of a hodgepodge since it'll be in with fabric and yarns (and treats!) and classes, but we know it's going to be remarkable....So here goes!

The story of how we found and ended up in this home for our store is amazing in and of itself....but, suffice it to say that we're so happy that we've landed here.  The home was built in 1878 by a woman named Hannah Maria Libby Smith.  She was a polygamous wife of George A. Smith.  After his death, she took her share of the money and built this home.  It has original wood flooring (from 1878!), many of the window panes are original---with the warbled hand-blown glass look, and it's on the Utah Historical Register. 

Estimated opening date will be end of Aug/beginning of September.  And holy cow, have we got a lot of work to do!  But do it, we will!

There will be lots of Grand Opening events, so check back for more info.

Can't wait!



 Photo credit: Wikipedia article on "Hannah Maria Libby Smith House."  There are some inaccuracies in the article, but it's a good start.

*I have promised myself that I'd update my blog regularly for the past 2 years. Oops. Time flies when you're busy (and having fun).  Here goes a fresh resolution.


eve said...

wow, that's huge news! so exciting for you.
can't wait to check it out!

donnette perkins said...

This is great news! I have always loved that little house, but I didn't know the history. It's a perfect place for "home arts". Congratulations! Can't wait to hear about the classes.

donnette perkins said...
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Sara Lou said...

Question!? Found your blog through CJane and am LOVING your vintage earrings...that's as far as I've gotten :) Anywho, as I was browsing your blog, I noticed you like to thrift and used to live in Sacramento! I am also a fan of searching for buried treasure and as it turns out, am originally from Utah but have since moved to Sacramento with my husband and fam. I have been on the lookout for some good thrifting locations! Seriously would love your suggestions when you have a minute!

Maddy said...

Congratulations! Looks like I will be making a trip to see your store when it opens...my oldest daughter just said she is coming too!

Sara Lou said...

sararochelle(at)gmail(dot)com...for when you have a minute to share!

Nicole said...

Exciting! Congrats! We just found your shop/blog through ETST, and are completely in love with your new cozy friends!! SO lovely!

♥Nicole @ Me + the Moon