Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hi everyone!

Long time no write.  I guess it might have something to do with the fact that I opened a storefront with my mom.....and that's taken a bit of time and concentration over the last few months.  And it's been really awesome.

Just wanted to let my loyal internet customers know that I haven't forgotten about you.  There are some fun changes coming to DARLYBIRD.com and I thought you should be the first to know:

~I will be tightening down my online collection....this may sound bad, but let me assure you: it will improve the quality and timeliness of what you see.  Darlybird will still carry tons of wonderful items, but they will move through quicker and have more frequent updates.  And you won't have to wade through as many items to find the gems you're looking for.  Sounds good, eh?

~My shipping policy will be changing to free shipping with $50 purchase!  Wahoo!  I wish I could offer free shipping with every order, but since I'm such a small operation, and I try to keep things as affordable as possible, that would be a crushing blow.  (Darlybird.com is not amazon.com....)

~I will be releasing a whole new collection of Darlybird jewelry....there will be some standby faves still available, but there will be an edited collection with lots of new (and vintage) goodies.

And perhaps the best news:

GOODY BAGS WILL BE ON SALE by the end of the week...they aren't available on the site right now, but my goal is to have them up by Friday!

I will be waiting to publish new products and implement new shipping policies until after the goody bag fever is over. 

Here's to more Darlybird, to you, to me, to all of us on this big beautiful planet.



ruth ann said...

do you have free shipping for $50+ orders still? i was making an order yesterday and it didn't apply, so maybe i need a code:)

Rachel said...

Hi Ruth Ann,

The Free Shipping over $50 will actually start after the sale is over and I've cleaned out a lot of inventory. With the 40% off, I'm already taking a big hit....and with a lot of these orders, I'm still paying more for shipping than is charged in the order. So, until the sale is over, I still have to charge for shipping. Hope that is ok!

tiffany parkin said...

So no sale items are available until Friday?

tiffany parkin said...

Hi again. Im trying to buy things on your website but it says the item isnt available. Can you help?