Monday, April 17, 2017


I’ve had a vast variety of casual hobbies and interests. In grade school I joined clubs then quit clubs, never lasting more than a year, and usually lasting far less than that. I’ve spent years as a young adult switching from the helping field to creative field, back and forth through a handful of different jobs and pursuits. I’ve narrowed it down and then said, “Now what?”

I listened to my soul and it fell silent. I wrote lists, drafted ideas, erased and refined. I asked my soul again and only found a surface acceptance of the plan.

So then what?

So then, I dived in. If my soul says no, then I backtrack and try a different path. But if I’m enjoying the hustle, then I move forward. And that goes for every decision and path. Continuously moving forward.

I think we create our path one step at a time. We feel it out, we find what we love, we succeed, we fail, and we adjust accordingly.

So here's to Monday's. Here's to the next step. Here's to listening to our hearts and souls, and moving forward in alignment with those things.

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