Thursday, May 18, 2017

Color Theory with Darlybird!

The colors we see/wear/surround ourselves with can be more influential than we think!

Science: Each color is connected to a different light frequency + wavelength, which combination creates a vibration, which connects to the energy centers in our bodies (chakras), which affects our bodies and minds. Think of the way a bright yellow room welcomes you in, or the way hiking through a lush green forest feels. Think of your favorite color and how that makes you feel—or simply the colors you find yourself attracted to.

Do you not have a favorite color? Perhaps close your eyes, take three long, deep breaths, and clear your mind. What color do you see in your mind’s eye?

Perhaps you need to feel more confident, ease some anxiety (the opposite is feeling grounded and centered), or open up your heart more (encourage love, compassion, and connection to others). Perhaps identify a quality that you want to feel more of, then connect that to my little chart below.

There is no “right color” to wear or see. Some days you’ll crave blue! Other days, orange. But pay attention to this. The colors we wear and surround ourselves with can help create balance and prosperity in our lives. Here is a brief (and in no way thorough) list of colors and some of their connecting emotions/qualities, PLUS some Darlybird favorites to bring out these colors in your wardrobe and home.

Wear this color to help you feel...

Red: grounded, safe, centered, and connected to the earth.

Orange: joyful, lively, and emotional security.

Yellow: confidence, empowerment, and motivation.

Green: love, compassion, and connection to others.

Blue: creative, open, and more able to communicate your truth.

Indigo: intuitive, insightful, and peaceful. Darlybird: Vintage Louise Bracelet; Happiness Pillow; Native Indigo Pillow.

Violet: more able to release emotional heaviness, calm, connected to your Higher Power.

Darlybird: Vintage Zina Earrings; Vintage Katy Earrings.

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