Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Styled by Darlybird

The stunning (Queen of Provo, can I say that?) Courtney Jane Kendrick had Rachel design and make/style her jewelry for each of this year's Rooftop Concerts in Provo, Utah, which Courtney helps plan and host. Of the look, Rachel states, " We sorted through my never-ending vintage supplies to find these purple-pink acrylic beads. Added some gold chain and cool textured rings and called it a day! She's also sporting darly earrings and a brass cuff and bangles. And she looks 🔥! Thanks, Courtney, for letting me help you! And thanks for helping make Provo rad."

And may I (Allie) add, "If she were a president, she would be Babe-raham Lincoln." - Garth, Wayne's World.

But really, gorgeous. Want to channel Courtney's looks this season? We're always adding to the accessories section on darlybird.com, so there is always, always more and more to swoon over.

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