Tuesday, June 6, 2017

DIY Yoga Mat Straps

 As a favor to a friend, I’m on a mission to sew 16 yoga mat straps (to carry yoga mats, or use as a prop in practice, if needed). While making 16 straps is a bit time consuming (especially when going off of a picture, hah!), doing a smaller batch for yourself or for gifts should be quite manageable!

* Fabric purchased from Harmony in Provo where, P.S., there is a whole room of Darlybird!! Yoga mat shown in photos is Manduka, and they are QUALITY.

1 long strip fabric 37” x 5” *
2 short strips fabric 20" x 5" *
No-Sew Velcro
Measuring Tape
Sewing Machine

* If you round up and purchase 1 1/8 yards of fabric, you can make 4 yoga straps out of it. Cut it like this:

Start by sewing those three strips of fabric into three tubes. Iron them flat (I kept the seam in the middle of each tube). Tuck the ends of each tube in just a bit and sew them shut.

Lay a short fabric strip perpendicular to the long strip. Use a measuring tape or ruler to make sure it is smack dab in the middle. Pin this to keep it in place. Repeat on the opposite side of the long strip, pinning the second shorter strip in place. (This should look like a giant uppercase I).

Sew the strips together where you pinned them in place. I chose to sew around in a square, then make a cross to secure it well.

You have the basic yoga strap! Only thing left now is to add the Velcro. I chose to use No-Sew Velcro ("Sticky Back for Fabrics") so it would just stick on. I bought this in a strip that was 24" x 3/4" long, then cut out strips of 4-5” of Velcro. Make sure you place the Velcro on each small strap in a way that you can wrap it around a yoga mat to hold it (I hope that makes sense!) (See picture for reference).

The Velcro I bought said to wait 24 hours before using it to let it adhere to the fabric. I’d suggest also sewing the Velcro down for extra durability.

And there you have it! A simple yoga mat strap using fabric. There are certainly other styles of straps or options in materials, but this is one option!

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Yay! Cute. Great tutorial šŸ™ŒšŸ¼