Thursday, June 1, 2017

Welcoming June

artist unknown, but perhaps Kavan & Co?

May in Utah brought blooms, snow, heat, and cold. We rejoiced in the warmth and were a little puzzled when the chilly weather continued to make appearances a bit longer than perhaps we anticipated. We celebrated Mother’s Day, and I shared about growth from my own personal winter.

Memorial Day, last Monday, was spent honoring those who lost their lives defending the United States of America. The holiday, perhaps spent with family and friends enjoying the outdoors, was also a nice reminder that maybe this warm weather is hopefully here to stay! I ran, hiked, and spent time with friends, and was so grateful for the chance to do so.


What does June hold for you? Perhaps a summer vacation, that marathon you’ve been training for, or simply trying to find that perfect Father’s Day card (am I the only one who struggles with that?). Maybe it’s nursing that Memorial Day sunburn (right?) or aiming to get a sunburn by participating in more outdoor activities now that the snow is finally (hopefully) melted for good (just kidding—wear your sunscreen!). Maybe it’s snuggling your kids closer now that school’s out... or trying to sneak away for some alone time now that school’s out! ;)

Whatever your June holds for you, I hope it’s amazing. I hope the warmth and change creates some sort of magic in you. I hope you use that momentum to begin the best summer season yet.


What are you looking forward to this month? Tell us in the comments!

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